Sky View Trading Review

Sky View Trading is an educational options trading website run by two traders – Adam Thomas, who runs a private investment fund, and Eli Grelecki, who has over 7 years of trading experience. They started out by making YouTube options trading videos and currently have over 100 000 subscribers.

Their goal is to teach people how to trade options for consistent income. They focus on a very similar strategy as the one I trade and teach (high probability OTM options premium-selling), but they offer a bigger and more in-depth education library and have other features as well.

sky view trading review

In this Sky View Trading review, I will present all the existing features and give you my take on them.

What You’ll Get

Sky View Trading teaches how to trade options for consistent income in any market environment. With the correct guidance and education, this is very doable with options. The first main feature (and in my opinion, the best) that you will have access to when you sign up for the Elite Membership at Sky View Trading is their Options Trading Course.

The Options Trading Course consists of over 5 hours of video content and also quizzes to test your knowledge before advancing to the next chapter. Just like in their YouTube videos, they use animated whiteboard videos to explain the different areas of options trading. They cover strategies for every market and directional assumption – Debit Spreads for directional trading, Credit Spreads for high probability OTM bullish/bearish options selling, some neutral/range-bound strategies like Iron Condors, and some more advanced strategies as well. In these lessons, they try to break down seemingly complicated topics so that everyone can understand them.

Sky View Trading’s course is divided into eight chapters. This is how their course outline looks:

  1. Basic Definition
  2. Reading and Option Chain
  3. Option Pricing
  4. Option Greeks
  5. Buying Options
  6. Selling Options
  7. Option Spreads – Defined Risk
  8. Option Spreads – Undefined Risk

Even though 5 hours aren’t much, you can learn a lot here. The reason why this is my favorite feature is that I think it is the most important feature. Successful trading is practically impossible without the correct education. Therefore, it is very important that you actually take the time to go through lessons like these carefully.

Another service offered by Sky View Trading is their Trading Platform Setup. Most beginners think as soon as they understand options, they can just head out there and begin to trade. But first of all, you have to find a good broker and set up your account/platform. Even after this, it can be intimidating, especially for new traders, to familiarize yourself with a broker platform because many brokers may seem complicated at first. Sky View Trading helps you with this part. They’ll help you set up and customize your own account/platform inside the broker platform – thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade. In addition to that, they have many tutorials to show how certain features inside of the platform work.
This feature can be helpful for beginner traders that are using thinkorswim. Otherwise, it isn’t very useful.

The next feature I want to discuss is their Real-Time Trade Alerts. They send out trade alerts to members via text and email every time they open, close, or adjust a trade. So theoretically, you could copy their trades (at your own discretion, of course). But I do not recommend blindly following any kinds of trade alerts. The entire goal of educational courses like this one is to make you a self-sufficient trader that can make own trading decisions. Nevertheless, you can use trade alerts as a learning tool. Furthermore, Sky View Trading sends out a Live Trade Review Video to members via email, with explanations for every trade. This is a great feature because it takes what you learn in their education and puts it into practice. These trade review videos are saved on their site so that you can go back and learn from former trades.

Furthermore, they also offer a Trader Chatroom and Forum to communicate with other members and fellow traders. Having an active community of like-minded traders on the same journey as you to chat with can be nice. It can also improve the learning experience as you will have the opportunity to ask questions, get recommendations, and in general make your trading more enjoyable since you have fellow traders to exchange thoughts and ideas with. Paid chatrooms like this one can be better than other chatrooms as there is much more spam and irrelevant information to filter out in most (free) chatrooms. Otherwise, Sky View Trading also has an Answer Database, so that traders can read answers to frequently asked questions.

skyview trading services

Memberships and Pricing

Just like I said before, education is essential for profitable trading. Paid education can have some advantages over free education.

Sky View Trading offers two different membership levels – Elite and Alerts.

The Elite Membership is available with a monthly or annual payment plan and includes everything they offer – Options Trading Course, Trade Alerts, Platform Setup Tutorials, Chatroom and Forum access, Trade Review Videos, etc.

The Alerts Membership only includes the trade alerts.

After signing up to Sky View Trading (Elite Annual), you will get the opportunity to upgrade your membership to a lifetime membership.

skyview trading memberships

Is Sky View Trading for you? If so, what should you expect?

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of Sky View Trading. They offer a good education library to learn how to trade options for a consistent profit. Options trading is all about long-term consistency. You shouldn’t expect to get crazy rich after a few days (weeks, months…). If anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably trying to scam you or they just don’t know what they are talking about. This is just not how it works. However, if you stick to your options trading plan long enough, you will certainly reach the rewards of consistent trading profits. High probability options selling works, but only if you are consistent enough! This also means that you can’t sign up for a program like the one offered on Sky View Trading for a month or two and then quit because it ‘doesn’t seem to work’. You have to have a longer-term approach to things. If you have this, you will be successful in this business.

That said, Sky View Trading is everything else than cheap, especially if you plan on using them for more than a month or two. Furthermore, even though their education is of high quality, it really isn’t that much. 5 hours of educational videos for $199 a month is very expensive.

Nevertheless, you can learn a lot with Sky View Trading. Regardless of if you are a complete beginner, intermediate, or even advanced trader, there will be at least a few aspects which could improve your trading.

Nevertheless, In my opinion, they aren’t the most professional site/service. They aren’t a scam or anything close to that. But in some aspects, they have been a little unprofessional. For example, their (email) support hasn’t always been the best for me. Sometimes, it took a long time for me to receive an answer. Other times, I didn’t even receive any answer, even after multiple emails. In addition to that, some of their promises are a little exaggerated. Furthermore, there were a few other things that didn’t make the best impression on me.

Here is an example video to give you an idea of Sky View Trading’s teaching style and what to expect from the membership:

Do I Recommend Sky View Trading?

First of all, I really wouldn’t recommend the Alerts Membership. The reason why I wouldn’t recommend the Alerts Membership is that it won’t take you that far… You could, just blindly copy their trades one-to-one, but you won’t learn anything from that. Seriously, if you don’t actually understand the trades and strategies and just blindly follow them, you will never be able to do this as a business and become independent.

I personally think there is more value in the other memberships. However, in my opinion, the biggest negative of Sky View Trading is their price. $199 per month is very expensive. Therefore, I don’t recommend Sky View Trading for everyone.

I only recommend Sky View Trading if:

  • You are already completely familiar with all the options basics and ready to go to the next level
  • You want to see some real-live trade examples
  • You don’t mind spending $199 per month

In other words, I do not recommend Sky View Trading to learn the basics of options or the basics of trading, in general. Why is that?

In my opinion, you can easily learn the basics of options, trading and more for free. Therefore, Sky View Trading might be a good option to get to the next level, but it isn’t the best option to get into trading and to learn the basics.

What Now?

If you want to learn how to trade options for consistent profits, Sky View Trading isn’t a bad choice. Their education is beginner-friendly. Compared to other options trading sites, Sky View Trading focuses on the relevant aspects that are important for their strategy. So Sky View Trading won’t give you a broad trading education. Instead, you will mainly learn things relevant to their strategy.

This is great if you are already a little further along in your trading journey. But when you are just starting out, Sky View Trading isn’t the best choice. They are very pricey and a lot of their introductory videos teach things that can be learned for free somewhere else.

So what should you do know?

I’d say this depends on where you are at right now. If you are already familiar with options and most trading concepts and are looking for some practical advice and real-live trading examples, Sky View Trading isn’t a bad choice.

However, if you just want to learn how options work, how to trade them and other trading concepts without having to spend $199 per month, I recommend checking out TradeOptionsWithMe 100% Free options trading education.

All education on this site is completely free of charge. Therefore, I suggest at least checking out our free options trading courses. If you don’t like them, you can always go back and check out Sky View Trading or another website instead.

Check out our Free Options Trading Education

I really hope you enjoyed this Sky View Trading Review. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Sky View Trading Review


Customer Support











  • Good Options Trading Strategy
  • Good Educational Videos
  • Teaching Style


  • Quite Pricey
  • I have had some bad experiences with their customer support

48 Replies to “Sky View Trading Review”

  1. Very in depth review and well researched. You can never get enough information on trading in my view and if I was to do any trading I would certainly want adequate training. The options and the reasons for the options are very sound.

  2. The title is very relevant to what you offer. It’s definitely a Skyview when u get a chance to learn the ins and out of trading. Specially as there are lots of people interested but would like to lessen the risk, i think this is a must.
    This is great!

  3. Louis,
    This sounds like a perfect option for me and my husband. My Dad taught himself how to invest and did really well. He really liked TD Ameritrade. We don’t have much to invest at this time (we have a ton going into work matched retirement and recently bought a 4-plex) but are really interested. This sounds like a great way to learn.


    1. Hey,
      Pleasure that I could help you. For options the broker TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim is a very good choice. I wish you all the best for your future trading.

  4. Really good review with lots of great info. It’s obvious you know what you’re talking about here and I applaud you! Seems like you had a great experience with Skyview Trading.

  5. I haven’t seen anything about a minimum amount to start with. After spending $2k for the service, what type of cash investment is considered acceptable for a plan like this?

    1. Are you referring to high probability options selling? If so, I would say that a good minimum would be around $2000-$2500. But obviously more would be better. I do think it is possible to start with less, but it can be quite hard as you’ll only have a very limited selection of assets to trade.

  6. Very good content

    I have a question . What broker would you recommend being in the U.K.

    I am thinking of purchasing your membership but unfortunately i cannot open an account with Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade) as i am based in the U.K.

    Any suggestions ?

    1. Thanks for the great comment/question.
      First of all, I just want to make it clear that I do recommend buying a membership at skyviewtrading. But it is not my service, so it’s not my membership.
      I know that skyviewtrading recommend Thinkorswim and I too find this a great broker. Currently, I live in Denmark and therefore, I am also unable to open an account with Thinkorswim.
      I found an awesome alternative to them though. The broker is called Tastyworks. It has quite a few similarities to Thinkorswim as it is owned and made by the same developers/traders as Thinkorswim once was. But note that Tastyworks focuses even more on options trading. They are pretty awesome for that. But you may find some advanced stock trading features missing. Nevertheless, I do certainly recommend them for options trading. You can read my full review of Tastyworks HERE.

  7. Really good information! Are you in the Stock Market? If so what do you trade? This is really good information about options trading and the price of the program seems to be pretty much in line with the other trading platforms. In fact, it’s pretty much middle of the road, some higher or some lower. As I am older now, I am invested in safe Bonds and Dividend-paying Stocks. My nerves can’t take options trading. I do have several friends in the Market and I will send them to this Website so they can check out this program. Best to You Wayne

  8. Great review! It’s informative and concise and I really like your ‘How to get started’ section. It’s always nice to have someone that went down the road giving his recommendations. I’ve been interested in learning more about trading for a while and Skyview trading seems to be a pretty place to get started. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for sharing your insights it’s really helpful!
    What is the avg return per month/year using sky view trading? I understand there is no guarantees in trading but just a ball park estimate would be nice. The reason I ask is I want to make 20K a month and would like to know how much capital I should start with? Thank you for your advise!

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      That is a very hard question to answer. As you said there is no guarantee that you will make money at all. Furthermore, skyviewtrading is an educational trading website. Therefore, it comes down to how much time and effort you invest into that education. You won’t get access to some magic system that makes money for you.
      20k per month is quite an ambitious goal. It’s not impossible at all but you would definitely need some capital for it (close to $1 000 000). I recommend changing that goal for the short-term. You can always scale up and use the strategies learned in a bigger account. When learning, you shouldn’t risk large amounts of money. Therefore, you won’t make large amounts of money in the beginning. Try to become profitable in a smaller account before scaling up to anything bigger.

  10. I have a trading account with Schwab, both individual and Roth IRA: can you work with me on this platform.?

    1. Sorry, but I am unsure what your question is. If you want to know if you can use Skyview Trading if you are using Schwab than my answer is yes. You don’t need a certain broker to take advantage of their services.

  11. I have a PROBLEM. .. I only have a small account and was not able to sell calls and puts. Hence I can not make the trades they recommend. Therefore I tried to cancel my membership until I build up my account. I sent them an email to that effect soon after I opened my TDameritrade account.. They have not responded AND they continue billing me.. further reducing my funds available.. VERY DISGUSTED!

    1. First of all, I am very sorry to hear that. I think you should be able to cancel the membership without contacting them. There should be something like an account/billing/settings page.
      Furthermore, you can just add a long option to a naked option as protection (to create a credit spread). Then the trade will be a defined risk trade and require far less buying power. You should be able to trade credit spreads even in your small account.

  12. Does their educational videos include understanding terminology? I took a brief course elsewhere and they used all the proper terms…only they didn’t explain what the terms meant. Needless to say, that rendered the information useless.

  13. Hello,
    Great info and videos. Thanks for taking the time to post and try to educate us.
    If one followed you trading picks you recommend through text and email and started with a 200K account what is a realistic profit expectation based on your experience?
    What would be your best estimate?

    1. I think a realistic annual return would be around 20%. However, it is entirely possible to make more or less. Just make sure to not risk too much at once. Ideally, you should never risk more than 5% on one position. Also, you should be fully aware of what you are doing before you start trading with a 200k account.

  14. I’ve heard about trading options before, but it seems really intimidating to jump into without any kind of previous experience or mentorship. Do you think this is the kind of program a beginner can jump into, or is it best to have experience in options trading beforehand? The prices seem pretty high; do you think the content lives up to the price? 

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. In my opinion, trading, in general, can be very intimidating when you have no prior experience. Without any experience, you can’t know what to do. Therefore, it is essential as a beginner to educate yourself and study before you risk any significant amount of money! 

      SkyViewTrading is definitely not a bad choice for a beginner. They offer training on the basics and on more advanced concepts. I know that they aren’t cheap. However, if you compare their pricing to other similar products in the trading education industry, you will see that they aren’t more expensive than other options. 

      As to whether it is worth it, I can’t really answer that question for you. Even if I’d say it is worth it for me, wouldn’t mean that it is worth it for you. My recommendation for you would be to check out their free video lessons. They will give you a good idea of their training style. If you like the video lessons, you could sign up for one month to check out some of their other education. 

  15. Thanks for the great review! Starting with a 5k account I am interested in learning to trade either options or stocks. I’m wondering why you chose options and what is the difference as far as risk versus reward.
    Thanks for your input!

    1. Thanks for the great question Rob. A 5k account is still a relatively small account which means that your buying power will be quite limited. Therefore, I wouldn’t consider ‘normal’ higher priced stocks a viable option for you. In my opinion, you have to focus on either lower priced stocks, options or something similar. Let’s say you want to trade a $200 stock with your 5k account. Without leverage, you would only be able to buy 25 shares which just isn’t enough to make it worthwhile for you (in my opinion). However, with options, you could easily participate in the price movement of the same $200 stock and there would be enough potential profit opportunity to make it worth it. I recommend checking out my introductory article in which I compare options vs stocks and other assets.

      Furthermore, you could check out my free options trading masterclass in which I go over all the options basics, stocks vs options and much more.

  16. Great review. Notice the last comment was Oct 2018. It’s now Sept 2019 and I find NO email on the skyviewtrading site. Absolutely no way to send an email – which is what they request to get “the four free training videos”.
    What happened to these guys? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment. As far as I can see, you can sign up for the mini-email course on their website by submitting your email in a pop-up.
      Apparently, the only way to contact them is through their on-site chat feature.

    2. I signed up to get their marketing emails. I responded to one of those emails and someone got back to me within the day, and I had a follow up question and they got back to me same day. The email was:
      I do keep in mind that I am a potential customer and not an already existing customer – may bear some weight on how fast they respond to emails.

  17. Hello!
    I enjoyed your detailed review of Sky View Trading. You mentioned that there are other educational services out there that you would recommend over Sky View Trading who focus on a similar strategy, that is selling high probability OTM options. Who would you recommend? I am an experienced options trader looking to get to the next level. Thanks!

      1. Hi Louis,
        Thanks for the reply. I’ll look into those other resources. By the way, the Sky View Trading monthly Elite membership fee is now $149, so not quite as expensive as before.
        Best Regards.

  18. I really appreciate your review. I found it to be in depth accurate and a very fair perspective which is valuable for a lot of beginners. My question for you is I would like to find an educator that puts a lot of emphasis on Risk Management while trading Options. Who would you recommend for this? Thanks

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your comment. Sadly, I can’t directly point you to someone who focuses specifically on options risk management, however, you could check out some of the options trading content on TradeOptionsWithMe. Hopefully, you’ll find something helpful there. Otherwise, Tastytrade provides plenty of useful educational resources on options and other trading topics.

  19. The training videos are good for a beginner. After a week or two you will get all the info you can from them. Don’t waste your money on anything long-term and do not use the trades. Several members have busted accounts because Sky View has a Do Not manage losing trades approach. After you start a trial with them they call to lock you into a longer term. I got suckered into a 6 month elite membership which is useless. They also start marketing how you make more money if you join the IV League futures trading, get this they will not tell or advertise the price you have to have phone meeting with them. In my opinion do not waste your money there is better services out there and better education sites. They say they base the trades on math and take wins of $50 to $80 most of the time while the losers are $250 to $400

  20. I have to agree with Ricky. I lost money with Sky View, they mean well, but not worth the money. It was an expensive lesson for me.

    1. Lost money here too John. They have a tendency to stick to losing trades thinking they will miraculously make a turnaround. Their style works when the market is stagnant. Subscription price is sky high. I’d recommend looking around.

  21. Ricky, you are absolutely correct. They think all the winning trades will offset the losers. I have been very fortunate to breakeven. Don’t need all the fancy stuff that will get you in trouble with your broker, so I’m sticking with simple stock trades.

  22. Trade suggestions do not make sense in volatile market. Losing $200+ on strangles, iron condors, and strangles seem acceptable to Sky View. Monthly subscription price is sky high. Recommend leveraging your broker’s knowledge base and helpdesk instead.

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