Tim Sykes Review – The Biggest Scam Ever?

Timothy Sykes is a very well-known figure in the trading education space. There are many debates questioning his legitimacy. After some requests, I decided to sign up for some of his services and deliver an informed review of his products. I spent around $2’000 for his services by buying some DVDs, subscriptions and more. This Timothy Sykes review will give you an insight into Tim Sykes’s educational platform, products, strategy and more.

Who is Timothy Sykes:

Before I start with the actual review of Tim Sykes’s products, you should know who Tim actually is and how he got to where he is today.

Timothy Sykes is most famous for turning his $12’415 Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2’000’000 while attending Tulane University. All these profits were achieved by day trading penny stocks. Tim’s trading career started in 1999 during the so-called ‘.com’ internet bubble. He started to get into trading due to a tennis injury and a lot of free time. This is how his profit chart looks today:

timothy sykes review

Sometime after graduating from university, Tim ran a hedge fund for some years. The hedge fund was ranked number one short-biased hedge fund for a few years until it suffered one severe loss. But even after the big loss, it was still up a few percent. Tim wrote an autobiography ‘An American Hedge Fund’ shortly after retiring from the hedge fund industry. This book is all about his trading and hedge fund manager career.

Many people also know Tim from the tv series ‘Wallstreet Warriors’. This tv show led to a lot of exposure of Tim’s success story. Finally, this led to the creation of Tim’s websites, educational DVDs, subscriptions… Nowadays Tim tries to teach the strategy that led him to all his success to others. He has done this for several years and with a lot of success. He has multiple Millionaire students and countless six-figure students. His most successful student is Tim Grittani who just recently passed Tim Sykes in trading profits. Here are his profit chart and a few of his latest trades:

tim grittani trades

But note that Tim Grittani trades with all/most of his money and Tim Sykes often goes back to his initial $12’000 to show how to grow a small account. Additionally, Tim Sykes mainly focusses on teaching instead of trading nowadays.

Another successful student of Tim Sykes is Steven Dux. He actually made over one million dollars in under a year after signing up to Tim’s services. Note, however, that he put in many hours of work to accomplish this. Not everyone will achieve the same level of success that fast. Nevertheless, his success shows that Tim’s education together with hard work can accomplish greatness.

Furthermore, Tim Sykes and some of his students have been featured by countless financial media like CNN Money, Fox etc. He even has interviews with respected people like Steve Harvey and Larry King. Currently, Tim Sykes is involved with a big number of charities. He has donated over one million dollars to his favorite charity ‘Pencils of Promise’, constantly gives away more to other charities and even has his own charity named ‘The Timothy Sykes Foundation’. Tim’s goal is to build one thousand schools in countries of need. Some of Tim’s profits achieved from DVD sales only go to charity. For example, all money made from his DVD guide ‘How to Make millions’ goes to charity. By now this DVD has generated over one million dollars for charity.

So you can be pretty sure that Tim Sykes is the real deal and not some scam or so. Another thing supporting this is his software profit.ly. On it, he displays all his trades fully transparently and alerts them in real-time. Therefore, it is impossible for him to just act like he is trading.

Nevertheless, many people don’t trust Tim and even call him a scam. This has multiple reasons. One definitely being Tim’s marketing methods. He enjoys posting pictures of supercars, piles of money, other expensive items, his travel locations and other attributes of his glamorous rich lifestyle. This makes many people very skeptical as it often may seem fake and too good to be true.

Furthermore, a great deal of hate that Tim gets probably refers back to jealousy. Most people would love to swap places with Tim as his life definitely is desirable.

But a big difference between Tim and other ‘traders’ with similar marketing styles is that Tim actually backs his claims up with full transparency, real-time trade alerts, countless successful students etc. If Tim would be a scam, he would have never been featured on all these financial media…

Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani on Fox:

His products:

Now let us dive into Tim Sykes’s wide range of products. His products range from software to DVDs/educational video lessons, real-time alerts and watchlist subscriptions… In this Tim Sykes review, I will present Tim’s main products being his subscriptions, educational content and DVDs.


I will start by presenting his most ‘basic’ subscription services. Tim’s main subscriptions are his Tim’s Alerts plan and his Pennystocking Silver plan. The Tim’s Alerts membership gives you access to:

  • The chatroom
  • Tim’s daily watchlist
  • Real-time SMS, Email and Push trade alerts and commentary
  • iPhone and Android app.

The Pennystocking Silver plan gives you access to all of the above and access to:

  • 5’000+ video lesson library
  • New weekly to daily video lessons

Even if these subscriptions might seem quite similar, they really aren’t and I will tell you why now. The only difference is that the Pennystocking Silver subscription gives you access to all existing and future video lessons. But this difference is a major one. Each video lesson is about five minutes long which isn’t that much. But at over 5’000 video lessons that are over 410 hours of content and more comes out almost every day. All these video lessons are ordered by 50 different categories. These video lessons really add huge value to the membership as they actually teach you how to trade.

I personally dislike the alerts membership as you depend on Tim’s alerts to trade. The goal of trading is to make your own money and to be your own boss/be independent. You could obviously follow Tim’s alerts but you can’t possibly understand the trades and you won’t have a trading plan. Tim even says that you shouldn’t just blindly follow his alerts. It can be very hard to follow these alerts as these penny stocks usually are very volatile and move very fast. Therefore, it can be very hard to get in at the same price as Tim.

Pennystocking Silver can make you a self-sufficient and independent trader. In my opinion, this alone is more than enough reason to choose this plan over the Alerts membership. But obviously, becoming an independent trader through these video lessons requires some time and work.


The Tim’s Alerts Plan costs $74.95 per month ($900 per year) or $58 per month for the yearly membership ($697 per year). The Pennystocking Silver Plan costs $149.95 per month ($1’799 per year) or $108 per month for the yearly membership ($1’297 per year). Even though the Pennystocking Membership costs more, I definitely recommend it over the other one due to the reasons mentioned above. Furthermore, I really recommend choosing the yearly membership instead of a monthly one as you need time to learn how to trade. No matter who you are, you won’t learn how to trade like Tim in one or two months. You may want to test out the plan by subscribing for one month. If you like it, you should definitely upgrade to the yearly membership to save money.

Sign Up For Tim’s Plans HERE! 

tim sykes review


Aside from the video lessons, Tim also has a big DVD library. But each DVD is a stand-alone product, so you have to pay for each and every one. Some of these DVDs can be quite pricey ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $1’500 per DVD. But Tim has some sales where he offers the DVDs for big discounts once in a while. So if you are short on cash, I recommend taking advantage of these sales when they are around as you never know when the next one will be. These DVDs provide educational content about Tim’s strategies, trading and more. They are what teach you how to trade like Tim and his best students. Some of his DVDs even are made from his most successful students like Tim Grittani or Michael Goode.

Here is a list of all his DVDs and a brief description of their contents:

  • PennyStocking:
    An introduction to Tim’s strategy, patterns, trading, the penny stock world and more. Length: Almost 6 hours
  • PennyStocking Part Deux:
    The sequel to the original PennyStocking DVD focusing on more modern chart patterns and a lot of trade examples. Length: Almost 5 hours
  • Tim Raw:
    Another introduction to Tim’s strategies and some basic tips. Length: 12 hours
  • Spikeability:
    How to find ‘Supernovas’/stocks with huge profit potential (multiple 100%). This guide mainly focuses on buying these stocks. Length: A little over 6 hours
  • TIMfundamentals Part Deux:
    How to build watchlists, research stocks, which websites to use and more. Length: Almost 12 hours
  • Learn Level 2:
    A walkthrough of level 2 quotes, how to use and profit from them. Length: 6 hours
  • ShortStocking:
    A guide focussing on short selling stocks (what setups to short, when to short…). Length: 6 hours
  • TimTactics:
    43 Trading Tactics. Length: 8 hours
  • Read SEC Filings:
    A DVD from Tim and his first Millionaire student Michael Goode. It is all about SEC filings, how to read and analyze them. Length: 10 hours
  • Timline:
    Footage of the 5th Annual PennyStocking Conference featuring over a dozen expert traders. Length: A little over 14 hours
  • TIMdicators:
    Footage of the 6th Annual PennyStocking Conference featuring multiple successful traders. Length: 15 hours
  • Answer Stock:
    Footage of the 7th Annual PennyStocking Conference featuring millionaire traders Timothy Sykes (who makes several thousand dollars during a live trade), Paul Scolardi, Tim Grittani, Michael Goode, Nathan Michaud, and six-figure part-time trader Tim Bohen. Length: 13 hours
  • Pennystocking Framework:
    Tim Sykes unveils and outlines his 7-step trading framework during his annual Vegas conference. Length: 15 hours
  • PennyStocking Framework Part Deux:
    Update of the initial 7-step PennyStocking framework. Length: 12 hours
  • Trader Checklist:
    Tim’s step by step guide to evaluating potential trades and setups. Length: Almost 12 hours
  • Trader Checklist Part Deux:
    Addition to the original Checklist DVD covering the following topics: building a watchlist, what catalysts are most reliable, planning short selling, growing an account exponentially and live trade examples. (All profits from this DVD will be donated to charity.) Length: 9 hours
  • New Rules of Penny Stocking:
    Footage from Tim’s 2010 Las Vegas conference featuring 13 different speakers. Length: A little over 18 hours
  • Trader & Investor Summit:
    Footage from the 8th Annual PennyStocking Conference) featuring several millionaire traders, investors, and hedge fund managers. Length: A little over 15 hours
  • Trader & Investor Summit 2016:
    Footage from the 9th Annual PennyStocking Conference featuring several millionaire daytraders, swing traders, energy and futures traders. Length: A little over 16 hours
  • Trader & Investor Summit 2017:
    Footage from the 10th Annual PennyStocking Conference featuring presentations from several millionaire traders along with a great deal of Q&A and live trading. Length: A little over 18 hours
  • Trading Tickers:
    This is Tim Grittani’s DVD. It is about his trading strategies, setup process and preparation, analysis, 35 live trades and more. Length: A little over 16 hours
  • How To Make Millions:
    This DVD outlines the process of turning a few thousand dollars into a few million. Everything from the basics to advanced trade setups and examples is on this DVD. Several of Tim’s most successful students are featured on this DVD. (All profits from this DVD will be donated to charity.) Length: Almost 35 hours

(The DVDs are available for streaming access or as physical products. The physical copies will cost more due to shipping though.)

As you can see, Tim really has a lot to offer and even more is added quite regularly. Obviously, it is rather hard to decide what DVDs to buy with this huge selection. In my opinion, some definitely are better choices than others. If you want to learn how to trade just like Tim, you will have to get some of these DVDs as they outline how his strategy really works. In his video lessons he sometimes even refers back to lessons found in some DVDs. Therefore, it is fundamental to watch and study some of these DVDs to enjoy the same or similar trading success as Tim.

Tim’s most mentioned ‘must watch’ list is: PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, Pennystocking Framework and How To Make millions. Even though these are good DVDs, I do disagree with this list.pennystocking dvd

I personally, do not necessarily recommend PennyStocking due to several reasons: First of all, it is very old and not of the best production quality (anymore). The content is still relevant though. But the main reason why I wouldn’t consider it a ‘must watch’ is because Tim offers a free PennyStocking 101 guide with very similar content. If you are short on money, you should therefore just read this free guide instead of paying money for the DVD. There are some additional examples and further lessons in the DVD but in my opinion nothing crucial.

I find the sequel ‘PennyStocking Part Deux‘ more valuable and would recommend it even though it still is quite old.

Pennystocking Framework is another DVD that isn’t necessarily a ‘must watch’. It outlines Tim’s seven-step trading framework which is relevant and useful for his trading strategy. But otherwise, some other speakers aren’t as relevant. For example, one speaker talks all about options basics. Even though I trade options, I can’t see the relevancy for Tim’s students. Nevertheless, this DVD does outline an important part of Tim’s trading strategy.

How To Make Millions is an entirely different story. This is the longest, most comprehensive and in my opinion one of the best DVDs of Tim Sykes. It is a great introduction to him, his mentality, the markets and his trading strategy. No matter at what level you are, I definitely recommend this DVD. This DVD is discounted quite often (up to 70%).

how to make millions dvd

This does not mean that you shouldn’t watch any other DVDs than these. Many of the other DVDs aren’t necessarily ‘must-watch’ DVDs but all of them can improve you as a trader and help you understand Tim’s strategy even more. Which of the other DVDs to buy, really depends on you. If you want to focus on buying strategies, I recommend Spikeability (a very good DVD).  A short seller, however, could probably learn more from ShortStocking. If you want to learn more about level 2 quotes for penny stocks and Tim’s strategy, I suggest checking out Learn Level 2. I hope you understand where I am going with this…

Generally speaking, I have made the experience that newer DVDs are a little better. Once due to the improved production quality but secondly also due to the relevancy. A lot of Tim’s older content is still very relevant but some isn’t as much anymore. For example, Tim speaks a lot about ‘pump and dumps’ (stock manipulation) in his (older) DVDs. Even though this still exists, it isn’t near as common anymore nowadays.
Therefore, some strategies discussed in older DVDs aren’t as relevant anymore. Generally, the markets change and Tim emphasizes this a lot in his video lessons. Some strategies work better in specific markets. As a new trader, it can be hard to know what is working and what isn’t. Therefore, I really recommend the Pennystocking SIlver membership. Tim brings out new video lessons multiple times per week. In the video lessons, he discusses what strategies are working, which ones aren’t, how to adjust your trading style, live trade examples and much more.

One of the most popular and, in my opinion, the best DVDs is Tim Grittani’s DVD Trading Tickers. Tim Grittani has made a few video lessons himself and I personally like his teaching style a lot. The DVD covers the trading setups that made Tim Grittani millions of dollars within a few years. He even shows a lot of real-time trade examples of each trading setup in this DVD.

One DVD that I recommend for everyone is Trader Checklist. This DVD is 100% free for everybody so there really is no reason not to watch it if you are interested in Tim’s strategy.

Summed up, I don’t think you can really go wrong with anyone of Tim’s DVDs. All of them can improve you as a trader and your trading results. Nevertheless, some are better than others.


Just like I mentioned above, the prices of the DVDs vary widely. Trading Tickers currently is the most expensive DVD at just under $1’800. One of the cheapest DVDs is PennyStocking at $397. Quite a few cost the same and many others are somewhere in-between these two price tags. But sales aren’t uncommon. Often specific or even all DVDs are set down to a very good discount price.

Check Out All The DVDs And Their Prices, HERE! 

Book: The Complete Penny Stock Course

This book was written by Jamil Ben Alluch which is one of Tim’s students/software developers. Jamil’s goal with this book was to sum up all of Tim’s teachings in one very organized, easy-to-read book. The book covers everything from stock market basics to all of Tim’s trading setups, and how to trade them.

I have personally read this book and I can definitely recommend it.

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

Millionaire Challenge

This is yet another very interesting and special product of Timothy Sykes. This is not something that you just can buy and own. The millionaire challenge is a program that Tim has created to create more millionaire students. The challenge is to become a millionaire. To gain access to this challenge you have to fulfill a set amount of criteria. For example, you will have to be able to monitor the markets and chatroom during trading hours every day, attend multiple live webinars per week, have enough money to trade with… Additionally, you will have to pay an upfront tuition. This means you can’t be a part of this challenge if you have a job during trading hours or so. Most importantly, you will have to be dedicated and willing to work. This is very important. You won’t become successful without a lot of hard work. Tim and his team know this and will, therefore, make sure you are this in a live interview.

Only apply to the challenge if you are dedicated, hardworking, and have a lot of time. Not everyone will be accepted.

Obviously, this is the best plan as you receive the most content (most of the above content+webinars+challenge chatroom…). But there is no point in applying if you know you won’t be able to participate. This will just be a waste of time and money. Don’t be sad if you can’t fulfill the criteria as you will always have the chance to apply in the future. If you can’t fulfill the criteria, I recommend checking out another plan and some DVDs. From that, you will definitely be able to learn Tim’s strategy and how to become profitable with it. By doing this, you will be able to learn at your own pace. You can always apply again later. Even Tim’s most successful student Tim Grittani started with the Pennystocking Silver membership. With the profits achieved from this, you can potentially get into the challenge later.


Pricing for the challenge isn’t displayed openly as you have to fulfill other criteria first. Furthermore, the price has changed over the past few years as demand has risen. But you can expect a figure of over $5’000.

My Experience:penny stocks timothy sykes

My experience with Timothy Sykes has been relatively good. I have been a member for a few months and I am enjoying the membership. He provides tons of educational content.

Tim Sykes is an honest and transparent trader. He displays all his trades openly no matter if loss or win. He often even makes video lessons about his trades to review them. I personally find his teaching style good. He is all about education and I couldn’t agree more with that. Education is by far the most important factor when it comes to trading. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, he has no idea what he is talking about. In my opinion, Tim is quite different a teacher and person than he may portray himself in his marketing material and pictures. In many pictures and (older) videos, he seems like a very arrogant guy. But in his video lessons and DVDs, he doesn’t seem that bad at all. Especially in recent years, Tim has become much more humble and mature than he once was.

In addition to that, one can really see that Tim is a very passionate teacher. He truly loves what he is doing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing it. Tim has earned many millions of dollars both from trading and from teaching. He openly admits that he earns more from teaching than from trading. He even states that he is a better teacher than trader. If he wouldn’t love what he is doing, he wouldn’t be doing it. He probably would retire or fully focus on trading…

What to Expect:

When signing up for Tim’s program, most people expect to become just as rich as Tim. Tim’s and his top student’s returns are very unique. You won’t find any similar percentage gains anywhere else in the finance industry. This doesn’t mean that they are impossible to achieve. They aren’t based on pure luck. Otherwise, Tim wouldn’t have been able to create so many successful students. But this does not mean that they are easy to achieve. Don’t sign up to any of Tim’s plans and expect to become rich within a few days, weeks, months or probably even years without any hard work. You really have to study a lot, work hard and trade for a long time before becoming successful. No matter how good Tim’s strategy is, you will have to work for your success. Even his most successful student wasn’t profitable for a year. So don’t expect that it will be much different for you. All of his successful students have worked and studied countless hours.

If your plan is to sign up and just watch a few video lessons here and there, maybe one or two DVDs and then expect to trade similar to Tim, you may just as well let it be. This isn’t different with any other trading strategy, even if other marketers do say so. Only sign up, if you are willing to work for your success! Ideally, you should solely focus on studying for a few months, before even trying to trade.

Trading is just as much a profession as anything else in life. Every other profession requires a lot of work, studying and often even a lot of money. Why should this be different with trading? You can’t become successful without the correct training and education. I even wrote an entire article about this, here.

Tim Sykes: 'Trading is the last piece of the puzzle!'Click To Tweet

Tim’s Trading Style:

Timothy Sykes mainly trades penny stocks for the very short-term. His holding times range from a few seconds to one or two days max. Usually, he closes his positions either after very few hours or enters before the market close to sell just after the market open the next day. Tim focusses on the best setups only and therefore, he usually only trades a few times per week. He rarely has more than one position open at once. Furthermore, he likes both buying and short selling stocks but in bull markets he prefers buying and in bear markets, he focusses on short setups. His strategy highly depends on technical analysis but some fundamental events/news play a big role as well.

Tim does not try to aim for home runs or ‘pick the next Microsoft’. He just tries to profit from parts of big moves and takes one trade at a time.

Tim’s strategy is not scaleable meaning that you can’t use his strategy if you have hundreds of millions of dollars. It works best with ‘smaller’ accounts.


So is Timothy Sykes legit? Yes, he definitely is! His strategy does work and he is probably the most successful trading teacher in the world. Many lives have been changed due to Tim’s teachings but none without hard work and dedication.   Is Timothy Sykes for you: Even though his strategy can be very profitable, it isn’t for everyone. In my opinion, his strategy/products are only for you if:

  • You are willing to work, dedicated, motivated and really want it!
  • You have at least a few hours per week to learn how to trade.
  • You have a ‘small’ account. If you have tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, I would not recommend Tim’s strategy.
  • You are willing to invest in your education and future.

If the above criteria are met by you, Tim and his strategy can truly change your life. If you are interested, I recommend doing the following:

1. Subscribe to PennyStocking Silver for one month and consume as much content as possible. (HERE)

If you like what you see and still are motivated:

2. Upgrade your subscription to yearly to save money (and as you need that time anyway).

3. Give the DVD How To Make Millions a try as it is a great DVD especially in the beginning.

4. Watch PenyStocking and Pennystocking Part Deux for an introduction to Tim’s strategy, setups and more. If you don’t want to spend as much, save money by reading the Penystocking 101 guide instead of buying the PennyStocking DVD.

5. Furthermore, watch Tim’s free DVD Trader Checklist.

6. Check out fitting DVDs (for example: Spikeability if you want to focus on buying, ShortStocking for short sellers…)

7. During this time you should also be watching some video lessons (I recommend starting with the newest ones) and potentially reviewing watchlists, analyzing trades…

Click HERE To Visit The DVD Library or Click HERE To Get Started With Pennystocking Silver or The Alerts Membership!

I truly hope you enjoyed this Tim Sykes review. Hopefully, you got a good insight into his different services and have an idea of what to do now. If you have any question, comments or something else, ask me in the comment section below. I will respond as fast as possible.

Some of the links within this Tim Sykes review are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. There are no added costs for you and these affiliate links do not influence the objectivity of my review.

121 Replies to “Tim Sykes Review – The Biggest Scam Ever?”

  1. Wow, this is an amazing review of Tim Sykes and all of the amazing products, and teachings he offers.

    I am definitely interested and will no doubt keep him in mind in the future.

    I am also appreciative of the video and the length of the article, very informative and helpful!

  2. I’ve been an active options trader (seller) for about 15 or so years now, and I’ve heaford about this Tim Sykes from numerous sources. I’ve always wondered if he was legit or not. Its hard for me to think that anybody can predict direction though. I haven’t seen anybody honestly review it until now, thank you for that. What size are the trades he recommends, compared to the volume of the equity?

    1. Even though Tim’s trading performance seems ridiculous, he proves it to be true with his track record, live trade alerts… so you can be sure that he is legit. But as I said, you need to put a lot of work in to achieve similar results. 

      As you may know, Tim trades penny stocks and these are often known to have low volume. But Tim trades and teaches to trade those with high volume. He recommends that your position size always stays below 1% of the daily trading volume of the asset.

        1. If the stock has a daily volume of 100000 shares, your position size should not exceed 1% of that which is 1000 shares.

    2. Can I just point out that I’ve looked at his watchlist that he put out. They skyrocket after he put them out not before. The history of the stock seems dead with a beta of 0.8. But then all a sudden Tim says this stocks going to explode and it sometimes does explode because people bought into it from his watchlist. And then well you know just predict the tip of the mountain and reap the benefits of the people who fell for it. Pretty much forcing them to sell and cut their losses out of fear which is the next best option if they want to keep some of their money for making a dumb mistake.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Tim Sykes. You certainly bring up a valid point. However, when I tested out his program, the vast majority of stocks that he have already been moving a lot before he mentioned them.

  3. I appreciate that you introduced Tim Sykes to us first, the positives and negatives, then proceeded to provide a comprehensive explanation of his Pennystocking Silver, Alerts Membership and DVD series.

    You have convinced me that Tim is the real deal. I agree that trading is a profession and requires training and hard work to succeed.

    I have no doubt that your detailed and helpful review will help anyone interested in following this path to make an informed decision.

    One question: If one pays yearly and half way through needs to leave, do you know if there is a refund, or is it locked in?

    Thank you for this interesting and educational review.

    1. I am very glad that you liked the review. Sadly, you can’t get a refund half way through. But shouldn’t you always be able to study a few hours per week? If yes, it is still worth it. In the beginning, the video lessons are of much more value than the trade alerts anyway. 

  4. Good point. It is useful to know this in advance. I can see why a refund is not available on the yearly membership once someone is halfway through the course. This seems to be standard practice. At least the option is there to pay monthly. Thanks for answering my question.

  5. Wow! I had never heard of Tim Sykes or his trading before, but your article definitely peaked my interest. I have read briefly about trading as a way to earn income, but I’m fairly new to understanding it. I will have to read around more on your blog and check out the websites you listed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. If you ever have any questions regarding my site, articles etc. feel free to leave comments or contact me directly.

  6. I had never personally heard of Tim, but this was a great view of how he is as a person and his creditability as well as his product. I appreciate the honest review of the products, what to expect and which ones aren’t as valuable. I also think it’s great to put into place expectations- it will only work if you’re willing to put in certain time and money. Learning trading is fascinating, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that level yet. I’ll flag this for when I am ready!

  7. I have 12 of the courses listed and reviewed above. Here’s what I learned after over 70 hrs of education: Tim Sykes is a no-nonsense judgemental skeptical trader who doesn’t take risk or crap from anyone. He obviously is a great trader who’s been successful in his very niche skillset. Unfortunately, I personally feel that many of his courses contain lots and lots of fluff. Tim is very good at conversation and I’m sure he’s a pretty chill guy to hang out with. However, I am only concerned with what’s relevant to stock, Tech. Analysis etc. Nothing else.

    One of the best videos isn’t even Tim instructing and that’s Tim Grattani’s course. If I could take my time and money back, I’d watch “How to make millions first”, “Trading Tickers” and “How to read SEC filings”. If time and money allowed, “Learn level 2” and “Shortstocking”. Everything else is basic and could be learned from a good book.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts! I have to agree with you that Tim likes to talk a lot. Nevertheless, he is a great trader/teacher. Frankly, he is the most successful trading teacher out there. He has the most successful (millionaire) students with proven track records.
      How to make millions is definitely one of the best DVDs! I have also only heard good things about Trading Tickers. In my opinion, there are some other great DVDs as well (like Spikeability). In addition to the DVDs, I also think the video lessons are important. They really give you a good overview of what’s working right now, how Tim is trading on a daily basis, specifics about patterns…
      But once again, thanks for your insights!

    2. This is helpful. Thx Andy. I haven’t invested a single dollar in anything and have never made a single trade, but am interested in getting started. I’ve had the Tim Sykes millionaire challenge interview and turned it down after hearing about the $7K price tag. It’s too much to invest upfront with no experience and no way to get an inside look without taking so much risk. If there was a 30 day eval period, great. But not having that only deepens the skepticism. All that said, even the DVD’s you mentioned (if you could do it over again) are expensive. If there’s a few good books you (or anyone) might recommend, or a used Tim Sykes DVD outlet, lemme know 🙂

      1. Thanks for the comment, Tim. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a used DVD outlet for Tim’s DVD. However, there is a book on Tim’s teachings that was written by one of his students/programmers. The book covers a lot of Tim’s trading setups in a nice, organized and compact manner. You can get it for about $30 on Amazon. Check it out here.
        Alternatively, you could sign up to Pennystocking silver which is a much cheaper plan that gives you access to his video lesson library, chat room and more.
        I hope this helps.

        1. Hello, I am interested in having Tim as a mentor. I have a mentor now from a stock trading firm from the Montreal Trading Group in Montreal Canada. I have taken two courses in the stock exchange market. I have two more to go. I am almost done with the second to last one. I am willing to do all that I can to become successful & wealthy. My goal is to be a professional stockbroker & be a financial advisor to help more people in the stock market. I just hope that when I do go through all of Tim’s teachings & other things. That I am able to get my Brokers license so I can to start a hedge fund myself. & teach people & help people with there financial goals in life. Once I get the money I will give it a shot. & I know penny stocks are more different than actual trading other stocks & bonds in the market. & I have been paper trading to on the side for about two weeks now. I can not wait to see a reply back from you. & awesome review by the way as well.

          1. Hi Barry,
            Thanks for your message. I like that you already have so much planned and are already educating yourself with multiple trading courses. Just note that what you will learn from Tim’s education might differ from the knowledge you need to get a broker’s license. Tim focuses on practical trading and mental advice for your penny stock trading. This is probably not what is expected from you when applying for a brokers license. Nevertheless, it can be very beneficial to have. I really hope that you will stay at it and achieve these goals!
            If you ever have any questions or comments, I am more than happy to help.

      2. Hi Tim, thanks for your post as it relates to me. I just heard the price tag over $7k during the phone call which clearly shocked me and crashed all my hopes, plans to start working with TIM. I clearly understand and believe that Tim is legit and the real deal. I also kind of relate to a saying that is applicable in many scenarios in our life “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. But paying over $7k upfront for a middle class person like me is definitely a big hurdle right at the beginning. It now pushed me into giving it a second thought. So I’m totally confused at this moment. Have to take some time to digest this and think about it. However, success doesn’t come that easy. So far if anyone is confused where I stand and what I’m trying to say, let me make it clear. Working with Tim with this price tag membership is not for everyone even though he is legit. So, the other option is to go out there on our own and gamble with it. Choice is yours guys. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and helping others in some way 🙂

  8. I just joined the Sykes $175 membership and really wanted to love it… but his videos never quite get to the point or an actual lesson… sigh — I am so, so disappointed… and the chatrooms are frankly just a bunch of folks trying to figure it out like me… and the buy alerts happen only after the fact — Ugghhh — I’ve been in other chatrooms — where people actually talkj with you about trades of the day instead of being a silent room scrambling with others to figure out your day’s trade while ‘The Master’ stays cloaked inside the private room with those willing to pay even higher fees to hear him speak or watch him trade ‘real time’… Meanwhile, this feels like the biggest waste of money I’ve lost in the market so far… There’s no doubt he has something to offer someone… but for the average person like myself, trying to get a grip and learn the nuances of trading, there simply isn’t enough meat on the bone… Newbies — take your $$ somewhere else… OR. for Tim Sykes and ‘promoters’ – you may want to suggest that he offer a free 24 hour FREE access so folks can decide if it is for them, or at least the ability to cancel within 24 hours – because I was ready to cancel after my first morning…-

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I can definitely see what you mean. Tim’s teaching style can be somewhat annoying because he talks a lot. Nevertheless, if you are willing to put in enough work, you will be rewarded. Tim Sykes is definitely not for everyone.

  9. Great review!  I think this is the first time I’ve heard of Tim Sykes.  It’s good to know that he enjoys what he’s doing so much that he’s teaching it.

    Thank you for going through the list of DVDs that are good to view or that are a little on the older side.

    I am very interested in this now and will keep this in mind.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Hi there,

    i just go through your site while surfing on trading, it is wonderful. The article you wrote about Tim sykes  is really amazing and i came to know that Tim sykes is not a scam, he is wonderful and a successful person. i just read about his success his products all is amazing. i really like your article.

  11. Have been looking for a legit online class that teaches how to trade shares for a long time,  here you come. Thank you so much, you have a well detailed review of these Tim-guys. I love Tim Sykes method of teaching by DVDs and videos also, it will be very easy to understand.. His pricing is a bit much for a starter like me though, who is struggling finacially. At $149.95 on Pennystocking Silver Plan and $74.95 on the Tim’s Alerts Plan, it’s a bit demanding. I think going Premium would be a smart move here

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree that the products aren’t cheap. However, if you compare Tim’s products to similar products, the prices seem rather normal. 

  12. A really interesting review. I am still not sure if you are for Tim Sykes or against.

    I really appreciate that you say he is a better teacher than trader.

    I have met brilliant traders who are useless teachers. One of my favourite genius trainers spends 55 minutes “fluffing” and then you get 5 minutes of absolute genius. It is frustrating waiting though. It sounds like Tim Sykes is like that.

    Strategies for trading are many and varied and what suits one person may be useless for another.

    There are several videos on YouTube of Tim Sykes. I am working my way through them to see if his trading style suits me.

    His fees are high but typical for the business.

    As you  might have gathered, I have traded in the past myself and I learned two important things:

    1. It requires a lot of study and hard work.

    2. No-one can be an expert in everything. Pick a niche part of the market and study that hard to become an expert.

    Back to the YouTube clips..

    1. I am not against Tim Sykes. I think he provides very useful resources that have the potential to make you a successful trader if you put in enough work. It is a great idea to start out by watching his free content to get an idea of his trading style. 

      You are absolutely right that trading requires a lot of study/hard work and picking a niche! 

  13. Hello Louis,

    Since the films The Wolf of Wallstreet and The Boiler Room were released, highlighting the serious underbelly of the volatile stock market, I think it has made people very cautious or increasingly nervous about any topic related to the stock market or management of a stock related income. 

    I want to thanks you for a thorough and well researched article highlighting some of the pros and cons of the product and including some of your personal experiences with it. In addition to the monthly product costs, what in your experience would be a reasonable sum to start trading as I can imagine one cannot start with $10 expecting to make exponential returns?

    Thanks for you well put together article.


    1. Hi Richard,

      I agree that films like the Wolf of Wall Street have brought a lot of attention to the dark and shady side of the stock market. But in my opinion, it is a good thing that people are more skeptical and cautious about where to put there hard earned money.

      I would definitely say that $10 is not enough to get started. I’d say a good starting amount is about $2000. However, even if you start with $2000, you shouldn’t expect to make money right away. Learning to trade takes time and dedication. So if you are completely new to the markets, you should not expect to be a very good trader right away. Instead focus on education and learning as much as possible. 

  14. Yeah, I can see why certain people have a level of distrust for Tim – posting (or even boasting) about fast cars and mansions etc doesn’t really go down that well with the average Joe. 

    I’ve an investor trader myself, American Tech stocks (which are having a right fit at the moment!), and I have heard of Tim before – never thought of him as a scammer, and I’m aware he’s a GOOD trader. 

    What do you trade in – forex or stocks, options? Also, would you consider yourself a day trader?

    1. Hi Chris, 

      Thank you for sharing! I personally, don’t trade any Forex. I trade options and stocks. Even though I do day trade stocks, I wouldn’t consider myself a day trader because I don’t only day trade. I don’t day trade any options. I usually hold my options positions for a few weeks. Therefore, I would call myself an active (shorter-term) trader.

  15. I’m currently an affiliate marketer but I heard about making money online for the first time through Tim Sykes. I thought it was the biggest scam out there, but when I did a little research at the time, he was legit. In fact he was the guy that traded in college to make millions. One thing that didn’t go with the program at the time was the price.

    And I still feel the same way. Yes, if you’re already into making money online and know this works, that might not be much. In fact you might find that’s a great deal. But for someone just starting out or someone in college, that’s quite steep. That’s proabably more than what I paid for my food every two weeks. I know it’s not just college students but it could also be college students if the fees were cheaper. 

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Tim’s program. I agree that Tim’s services aren’t cheap. However, if you compare them to similar services in the trading industry, they won’t seem very abnormal. Furthermore, his education has a lot of potential. If you are willing to put in the time that it takes to learn, you might some day be able to make back the cost of the entire program and more in one trade…

  16. I have wanted to know more about trading. And learn how to do it. But it seems complex. 

    Good to know this is not a scam. As with anything these days, it is hard to know what is legit and what is not. There are tons of “get rich trading” scams out there. 

    The one thing that has held me back on getting into this is not knowing which program to choose. Which one will train me today and tomorrow. 

    So I have a few questions for you:

    How does Pennystocking Silver compare to other offerings outside of Tim Sykes offers?What are things you must have when comparing learn how to trade courses?How much time does it really take to learn all of this?

    Thanks for the insights! 

    Kim Wolfe

    1. Hi Kim, 

      Thanks for the comment. I’d say that Pennystocking Silver is a pretty good program even if you compare it to other trading programs. The price might seem high, but compared to many other programs, it is rather normal. Furthermore, Pennystocking Silver has a lot more content (video lessons) than most other programs. However, the video lessons aren’t very well organized. You gain access to over 5000 five minute long video lessons which can be very overwhelming. A lot of the video lessons also go over the same things. 

      Now to your question about how long it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. This really depends on how much time you are willing to put in. For instance, some of Tim’s most successful students have managed to make millions within 1-2 years. But in my opinion, the average member won’t be near as that successful that fast. So as a minimum time frame to become consistently profitable, I would say one year. But like I said, this can really vary.

  17. I just listened to Tim Sykes hawking his program, “Tim Sykes Weekend Profits”. Have you had any feeback on this Program ??

    1. Hi Stu,
      I have never heard of a program called ‘Tim Sykes Weekend Profits’. So I am sorry but I can’t really help you out as I have no experience with the mentioned product.

  18. Hello Stu,
    I too just saw Tim’s new project (program) called ‘Tim Sykes Weekend Profits’. I would love to get some feedback on how this newest program compares with the Pennystocking Silver Plan. Do you think you could look into this one and provide us your honest feedback? It sounded very appealing, but I would definitely like to know how it really compares.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Lana,
      Thanks for the recommendation. Sadly, I could not find this new Tim Sykes weekend profits plan anywhere on Tim’s official websites. You could send me a link so that I can take a closer look.

  19. Hello Louis. I watched Tim’s video about the weekend profits program aimed at the older generation. It sounds pretty good, but I’m somewhat skeptical that it is really as good as it sounds. Here is the link to the video. Maybe you could watch it and then give us your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bob,
      To be honest, it looks very sketchy. I am not sure if this program is actually made by Tim Sykes. If it was made by him, he would likely promote and sell it on his own website(s) and not on some other site. I have never really heard about this program from Tim or anyone related.
      Furthermore, I have read some sketchy things about agorafinancial which is the site/company that seems to be selling this program.
      So I would stay away from it!

  20. I am really surprised that you haven’t heard of Sykes weekend profits it’s all over the place. That is what brought me to checking out Tim in the first place.He tells you that all you have to do is buy one of his recommendations on Friday relax for the week end and cash out on Monday and you will be thousands of dollars richer for it. This because of some enomaly that happens over the weekend that he only knows about is how this is possible.

    1. Thanks for your comment, William. The reason why I haven’t heard of Tim Sykes weekend profits program is that it isn’t being offered through any of Tim’s official sites. I am only familiar with the products sold through Tim Sykes’ official sites.

      1. Hi Louis, I just had an interview with Tim Sykes employee for the million dollars challenge but I am hesitating not only for the 6600$ fees but for the time that it will take throughout the week. He mentioned something about 15-20 hours. I have a full time job and I can’t see how I can manage both my job and attending the courses. What do you recommend? Also, with the million challenge program, if I understood well, it provides privileged access to the chat room that only few members have access where you see members buying stocks so you could also act at the same time. Is that true? Should I start with the smaller plan before paying 6600$? Thanks

        1. Hi Joe,
          Thanks a lot for your comment. In my opinion, the best way to get started is not the millionaire challenge. Sure, it offers the best education and support. However, it also is a serious time and money commitment. Therefore, I recommend starting with a cheaper plan just to check things out. A great plan to do this is Pennystocking Silver. This plan still allows you to access all the video lessons, the general chatroom, trade alerts and more. If you sign up for a plan like this, you can find out if Tim Sykes’ education really is something for you without having to pay thousands of Dollars right away.
          I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.

  21. Thanks for this informative information. I have everything i need to start, except the “small” account. I am disabled and have all the time inn the world but unfortunately, i can’t afford the programs. Good read, tho.