Efficient Market Hypothesis Wrong

Is The Market Efficient?

A very well-known and controversial market theory is the Efficient Market Hypothesis. It states that markets are efficient which means that all available information is always reflected in an asset’s price. The controversial implication of this would be that it is impossible to reliably beat the overall market because it isn’t possible to find any under or overvalued assets. If this is true, it would make the act of actively analyzing and searching for potentially Read more

why bull markets suck

3 Reasons Why Bull Markets Suck!

Even though most people think there isn’t anything better than a raging bull market, bull markets have some disadvantages as well. At the time of writing this, we have had a strong bull market for almost a decade. Therefore, most people have gotten used to this bull market and its traits. Due to this, even relatively small 1% down-moves scare many investors because they just aren’t used to this anymore. Such an attitude can be Read more

is fundamental analysis dead stock market

How to do Fundamental Analysis of a Company – How Does Fundamental Analysis Work

What is Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is a way of evaluating a company through research done on company’s fundamentals like their earnings, economic situation, assets, news, management etc. You then check if the company’s value which you found is reflected in the current share price. If it is not, the fundamentalist will then buy or sell shares of the company’s stock until the price corrects itself to its true price. Fundamental analysis only works on a Read more