3 Replies to “Can you Trade Options in an IRA Account – IRA Explained”

  1. This is a great article. I never could understand the difference between IRA accounts. Moreover I never knew that you can invest into options. There are certain restrictions but it is still possible. I really liked your example on how to make restrictions work on you! Thank you for the post

  2. The information on you site is exceptional. Option trading is not taught in schools. Just trading in general is not.

    I believe an IRA options account is a good way to generate cash flow. Better than relying on dividend stocks and EFT’s

    I would like to know a little more on taxes for that options account after retirement. Is it the same as just a traditional IRA?

    FYI, I did click on the amazon link at the bottom of the post and I lost your page. Had to go back to find it. I wanted to read your other posts. especially on Hedging strategies.

    Nice article on IRA Options.

    1. Hey Shaun,

      Very happy to hear that you enjoyed the article. To your question: if the tax advantages are the same with options. Yes they are. If you want to trade options in a IRA, you don’t have to open a specific option IRA, you normally can trade (the specific) option strategies in a normal IRA.

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