Welcome to the Options Trading Foundation Masterclass

Thanks for attending this Options Trading Foundation Masterclass. I am very glad to see that you made the right decision to dedicate some time to trading education. Today is a big day for you. Today is the day on which you build a stable options trading foundation so that you are ready for the world of options trading.

I truly hope you will learn a lot and enjoy it as well. Ideally, you should take notes during this Masterclass. This can greatly improve your learning experience.

Just click on the play button to get started:



Any Questions, Comments or Feedback?

Great! I would be more than happy to answer questions and respond to comments in the comment section below!

Alternatively, you could also send me a quick mail: Louis@TradeOptionsWithMe.com

Also, please be so kind and let me know what you think about the Masterclass!


What’s Next:

First off, make sure to watch the entire Masterclass until its end. Do yourself the favor and don’t quit halfway through! You should also try to understand everything presented before moving on. If you have trouble understanding anything, try to rewatch those parts. If that doesn’t help, make sure to contact me!!!

After you watched the entire Masterclass, I would like to say congrats! You should now know A LOT more about options and trading than about 1 ½ hours ago! That is awesome!

But what’s next?

After you completed the Masterclass, I will send you two things per mail.

  • A download link for the promised gift. From there, you will be able to grab your free copy of the handbook so that you can use it for your future trading education.
  • A download link for the Assignment Handbook. This is a 35-page long handbook with a wide variety of different tasks, exercises and general assignments about everything learned in this Masterclass. There will be technical assignments about the option basics. Furthermore, there will be a trading mindset evaluation in the handbook. I highly recommend doing all the assignments as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you might have forgotten some options trading concepts. So by doing all the assignments as soon as possible, you can stabilize the just-learned knowledge so that you don’t forget it!

As I am sending these to you per mail, make sure to check all your email inboxes.


In addition to the just-mentioned things, I will also be sending you some other educational trading resources over the next few weeks so that you can learn even more.


If you can’t wait to move on to other education, I can only encourage you to check out some of my other free trading education!


Once again, thanks for watching and good luck on your journey to becoming a profitable trader!



21 Replies to “Welcome to the Options Trading Foundation Masterclass”

  1. Loved the MasterClass! Thank you so much for the Assignment Workbook and Terminology Book. You’re such a jewel Louis, I can’t begin to thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with me and countless others. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Thank you so much for the very kind words Jannie. I really appreciate it. It’s awesome to hear that you enjoyed the Masterclass.

  2. Thank you very much Louis for the Masterclass video, the assignment workbook and terminology book. You are an exceptional altruistic person. Very much look forward to learning more from you in this long journey. I will tell some of my friends about your site so that they can also experience your generosity.

    Thank you very much


    1. Hi Rodrigo,
      Thanks so much for the kind comment. I truly appreciate it and thanks for sharing TradeOptionsWithMe with others.

  3. Thank you Louis for sharing your valuable knowledge with others. I’ve just finished watching the Masterclass video and I will continue learning from you. You are awesome.

  4. Louis: watched your masterclass; while I do trade options your words and the comments delivered very calmly about trading and the time it takes to be successful and not rushing were to the point. Thank you for the handouts.

  5. Im listening now your course.
    Im wondering, if you can suggest some Option broker. Till now I try with $10 on IQOption, and I noticed some of strange things you mentioned on your review about IQO. Definitely investing a fix amount, will get you less than you lose. You have to have more than 60-70% hits to be winner. So, I need advice about some good brokers which has normal regulation (or just ESMA, even Im in EU, im outside EU zone, in fact Macedonia), and I prefer if they offer 100 multiplier (leverage). I need sometimes this, when Im with 90% sure about some stock movements…

    Thank You

    1. Hi Igor,
      As you know from my review, I certainly can’t recommend IQOption. My favorite options broker is tastyworks. Make sure to check out my review of tastyworks for more details.
      They don’t offer 100 times leverage, but I honestly don’t recommend ever using so much leverage. No matter how sure you are on a position, 100 times leverage is too much and will lead to you blowing up eventually.

  6. Louis… thank you so much for the great master class – beginners! I have always wanted to learn about trading but not sure where to start!

    The content, course speed with walk-through quiz, put the icing on the cake! I now have the basic foundation to build the house of trading. As you taught me, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Get educated “before” trading to not be in the 90% failure group.

    Thanks in advance for being my virtual “mentor”.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I am very happy that you liked it.

  7. PLease tell beginners that a long call at expiration may require you to buy 100 shares. You are long 100 shares.
    PLease tell beginners that a long put at expiration may require you to sell 100 shares. You are short 100 shares.


    if own 100 shares the put sells these.
    if short 100 shares the call buys these.


    You can ask the broker not to execute.

  8. Hi Louis,

    Thanks for your very educational video. I really enjoyed watching it and in fact I have learnt a lot. Contents and speed of your explaining every critical feature of option trading was absolutely perfect. You are doing all this for free just to educate people. Thats really great. If you ever visit Vancouver Canada pls contact me. I will love to take you out for lunch. You are my mentor now. I am waiting to receive your next email with more education materials.

    God Bless

  9. Louis:

    Well put together class. I like your teaching style and hope you will continue to produce content. Thank you for putting this video out there for those wanting to learn.

  10. Loved the Master class Louis.
    You sound so calm, knowledgable, truthful and real helpful person.
    Though I know all the basics as I am already trading options I enjoyed watching your presentation and found it very helpful to any begginner. As you emphasized I am a learner and do it non-stop. very excited to read all the lessons on your web site.

    Please keep doing this wonderful work. I can’t thank you enough.

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