Options Intermediate Course

Welcome to the Intermediate Course. The Intermediate course is the main course offered on TradeOptionsWithMe. It is targeted at everybody with little to lots of knowledge about options trading.

If you aren’t completely familiar with all the options basics, please take the Beginner course before taking the Intermediate course.

Try to go through all the lessons very carefully. Never move on to the next lesson without a complete understanding of the current lesson.

If you have any questions, always ask them in the comment sections or contact me personally. I will try to answer as fast as possible.

Here is the course outline (start with the first lesson):

Options Pricing and Understanding Greeks

  • How are Options priced (extrinsic and intrinsic value)
  • Option Greeks
  • Which Greek is most important

Should You Buy Or Sell Options – Long or Short

  • Differences between Buying and Selling
  • Buying Options
  • Selling Options
  • Some Long/Short Strategies
  • Pros and Cons of Buying and Selling
  • Should you Buy or Sell Options

Advanced Option Strategies and Spreads 

  • Strategy Section
  • Iron Condors
  • Credit Spreads
  • Debit Spreads
  • Strangles
  • More Strategies

How to make Money with Options

  • Options Premium Selling
  • High Probability Trading
  • How and Why does it work
  • 7 Step guide to Success

What to Trade Options on

  • Stocks
  • Indexes
  • ETFs
  • Which is Best and Why

What is Liquidity and its Importance

  • The Bid/Ask Spread and Its Impact
  • Consequences of Limited Liquidity

How to Find New Trades

  • What do You Need The Trade For?
  • How To Find An Actual Underlying Asset
  • General Criteria
  • Setting Up Trades

Historical Volatility vs Implied Volatility – Our Edge

  • What is our Edge
  • Historical Volatility vs Implied Volatility
  • The Importance of a Long Term Mentality
  • The Importance of Consistency

Intermediate Option Trading Quiz

  • Test your Knowledge with a short Quiz