Intermediate Option Trading Quiz

Welcome to the Intermediate Option Trading Quiz.

Here you can test your knowledge gained from the Intermediate Course. Try to take the Quiz without any help. You will be able to retake the Quiz as many times as you wish.

Good Luck!

option trading quiz good luck

1. Which of the following Assets can you trade Options on?
2. ABC is currently trading for $343. Calculate the Intrinsic Value of a Put Option with the strike 340.
3. Which of the following Factors do influence the Extrinsic Value of an Option?
4. When is Time Decay the highest?
5. What does the Option Greek Gamma stand for?
6. Does the Bid/Ask spread have an impact on your overall profits?
7. Which of the following Option Strategies profit from Time Decay?
8. What is Systematic Risk?
9. What can be used as an Alternative to 'Probability of ITM'?
10. Is Historical Volatility the same as Implied Volatility?

10 Replies to “Intermediate Option Trading Quiz”

  1. My interest in option trading started a week ago. I had no knowledge in the financial sector. I truly wanted to learn about trading but i had no clue where to start. I found your website 3 days ago and it’s been an interesting and truly rewarding knowledge. I saw the videos, read and took lots of notes , i refrain from skipping a level because this info is priceless! I finished the Masterclass, Beginner Course and now Intermediate course! I have to admit your teaching method is effective! It speaks volume that any one person that can understand a topic and be able to teach it to a child is a master. Fortunately i’m not a child but i can appreciate the hard work and dedication you have shared for free!!! I will proceed with the Advance course and as soon as i finish that will start a paper trading acct. Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate the kind words. It’s awesome to see that you are learning a lot.

  2. 7 out of 10 without taking the class. Now I will go back and learn from class.
    Wanted to see where I was at first

  3. 9 out of 10. I’m moving along slowly to be sure i grasp each section completely before moving on. I’ll go back to sections and reread several times as well as re-watching videos and taking thorough notes.

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