Options Advanced Course

The Advanced course is for the serious investor who wants to bring his options trading to an even higher level. If you start this course, you should already be familiar with everything from the other courses.

In this course, you will learn concepts that could maximize your trading results. I will teach you how to trade with a bigger portfolio, how to minimize risk, how to adjust positions and more.

Should You Close Option Positions Early

-Why closing Option Positions early is good

-Four huge Benefits

-Which Exit Level you should use

Options Assignment

-How does Assignment work

-Should you be worried

-When assignment happens the most

-How to handle an assignment with limited capital

-How to minimize Assignment Risk

Advanced Strategy Adjustments

-When to adjust Positions

-Adjustment Goals

-Credit Spread Adjustments

-Iron Condor/Strangle Adjustments

-Adjustment Points

What is Beta Weighting & Why It’s Important

-The Importance of a Neutral Portfolio

-What is Beta Weighting and How does it work

Advanced Option Trading Quiz

-Test your Knowledge with a short Quiz

More coming soon…