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Hi there, I am Louis and I want to welcome you to,

This article is an introduction to this site and I will try to give you the best possible impression of what the site has to offer. Try to read the entire article. At the end of the article, I will tell you how you can get started with our free education and more.

TradeOptionsWithMe is a site dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. It does this by providing the necessary help and education on the markets and much more. Luckily for you, all of this content is 100% FREE.

If you are new, you may not know how to get started. I will help you with that. But first of all, let’s get to know each other! You can read about me and my story, HERE! But sadly I can’t read about you anywhere (yet). But to change that, I would like to give you the first task of your success story. Please let me know who you are, what your goals are and how dedicated you are.

  • Who are you?how much money to start investing
  • What’s your name and where are you from?
  • Why are you interested in the markets and how did you become interested?
  • Have you any experience in trading?
  • Any successes?
  • What are your goals for the next month/year/5 years…?
  • How much time are you willing to put in (per day/week/year)?

Try to answer all these questions, if possible. I know this may seem boring and unnecessary to some of you. But it is important to follow along and accomplish all the tasks from the beginning. This is where your success story begins. Not only will I get to know you better and potentially be able to help you now or further down the road, but you can also come back in the future and check back on your goals, revise them and check if you accomplished them. In addition to that, you can check if you have put in the ‘promised’ time. If not, this can motivate you, to change that.

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My Vision

I want this site to be more than just a website, you visit once and never again. This site is supposed to be the starting point of your story. I want this site to be your guidepost and me to be your guide. If you ever feel lost or need guidance, you can come back to TradeOptionsWithMe.

I will try to help you as much as I possibly can, so never hesitate to ask about something that concerns you. Additionally, please always tell me when you have recommendations and/or feedback for me and TradeOptionsWithMe.

“How many success stories are you going to read before you write your own?”

Options Trading Education

As you probably may have noticed by now, this site mainly focuses on options trading. It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with options. I offer education for every skill group. Currently, there are three courses available:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. invest into your futureAdvanced

The courses are based on each other, so try to start at the beginning unless you are completely sure that you are familiar with the previous concepts. I tried to make the courses as variable and entertaining as possible. I added many graphics and even video lessons to make the in-depth articles easier to understand and as spicy as possible. Each course ends with a quick quiz to check the knowledge gained from the course. But don’t worry, the quiz can be taken as often as desired.

Remember, education is the most important thing when it comes to trading!


Furthermore, there are plenty of articles that don’t specify on options trading, but rather on the markets in general and other concepts. New articles are posted regularly under the ‘Posts’ tab. These cover a huge range of topics.


Additionally, I have thorough strategy-breakdown articles/videos under the ‘strategies’ tab. This is where I explain different option trading strategies as good as possible. This is ideal to get to know a big variety of different trading strategies to potentially try out.

Live Trades

Under the ‘Live Trades’ tab, you can get a sneak-peak of my trading.  I have begun to trade in a new, smaller broker account where I pick a given number of trades from. The chosen trades are then presented and explained here. This can give you a good idea of how I find, enter, manage and exit trades. Here, I also try to choose a good variety of trades, so I don’t only show winning or losing trades.


Last but not least, comes the ‘Reviews’ tab. This is the place to look at if you are searching for further trading related products as for example broker platforms, software, books or some other education trading site. Here I reviewed some of my favorite products and services. Note that I have an affiliate partnership with some of these companies. This doesn’t mean that I am not honest about these products. I only choose to review a few selected services, I personally believe in. Even if I earn money from certain sign-ups, I am still as honest as possible about the recommended products. This is also how this site ‘survives’. Without these affiliate partnerships, I would not be able to offer free education and more. In my opinion, these partnerships are the best way of monetizing this site without influencing the user experience in a negative way.

Options Trading Foundation Masterclass

This is a 1 ½ hour long Masterclass in which I teach you all the option basics and much more. The entire Masterclass is completely free of charge and I highly recommend taking advantage of this amazing opportunity! This is ideal for beginners. But even more-advanced people can learn a lot from this Masterclass.

If you want to learn more, sign up and attend my free Masterclass, click here!


The resource page is a page where some useful trading resources that I recommend are listed. Everything from brokers, books, software to education, news sites and much more is included on the resource page. I personally use most of the listed resources on a daily basis and therefore recommend them.

Check out my options trading resources!

How to get started?options trading glossary

After getting to know each other, I would love to introduce you to my options trading courses. I offer an options trading email course that should get you started with learning. In it, you will learn everything from the complete basics to more advanced concepts. I really recommend it no matter at what level you currently are. The best part is that the course is 100% for free!!!

If you are interested in the course, just enter your name and primary email at the bottom of this article. I will send you structured training resources every few days for you to look at. The lessons consist of articles, videos, graphics, cheat sheets, quizzes and more. In addition to the trading course, I will also send you a free copy of my trading glossary. This should be used during your learning process. As soon as you run into unknown words or phrases, you can look them up in the glossary.

how much money to start trading

You should really try to go through the lessons carefully to understand the contents, even if it takes multiple tries. Back when I learned how to trade, I found out that you learn much better when taking notes. So think about doing that. Afterward, it is a good idea to use the additional content provided to your advantage: analyze the live trade examples, get to know more strategies, read the articles/watch the videos…

You may feel overwhelmed now, but don’t be. Yes, there is a lot to do and the road ahead isn’t easy. The beauty of online courses and sites like this one is: you can learn at your own speed. If you don’t understand something the first time, who cares? Just read it once or twice again. I have one final tip for your education and that is: be consistent! You don’t have to put in tens of hours every single day. Make a schedule that fits you. If it’s only once a week, so be it. But do it on a consistent basis like one hour per day or X amount of hours per week…

Just remember, this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You won’t get ‘filthy’ rich in the next couple of days, weeks or even months. You have to put in the work and you will see the results. So please try to have somewhat realistic expectations.

To get started for free, enter your primary email below! I will send you all the necessary training resources for you to become an options trading expert.

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I hope you will enjoy the stay and learn a lot. If you ever have a question, never hesitate to contact me personally or leave a comment.

Cheers and Good Luck,


Founder of

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403 Replies to “Start Here!”

  1. Cool man. I’m excited to learn about trade options. I’ll be sure checking back to learn about more information.

  2. Thank you for the welcome page also, it sounds very interesting. I would like to learn more about Options, I’ll be revisiting your site soon again.

  3. I believe there are not many side that offer you to learn about the stock market. They just want you to start investing right away without really knowing what you are doing. It’s so great you chose to help us out. Can’t wait to start learning more about options.

  4. Hi Louis, thank you for your welcome! I recently enrolled in a stock trading programme and was looking for more resources. Glad I stumbled upon your site! The more info the better. I can’t wait to see what you have in store. What I have seen already is great. Thank you.

  5. I notice you have a lot to offer in the options trading space and wonder when someone has received the basic education you have on offer are they still free to ask for direction from you or are they on their own?

    I mean, I know that ultimately we make our own buying or selling decisions but can we still bounce strategies or ideas off you and will there be any costs associated with that?

    Thanks for your great info and look forward to hearing from you

    Cheers Gina

    1. Hey Gina, great question!

      You will always be able to come back to TradeOptionsWithMe and I will always help you if I can, no matter in what stage of the education you are. So even if you have completed all three courses, I will try to take care of you. After taking the courses, you can still learn a lot of important other things in the different areas of this site. 

      But just like you said, I am willing to guide you, but I won’t babysit you and trade for you. I won’t give anyone any buy or sell signals, it is and always will be you that pulls the trigger.

  6. Wow! Came across this website and it looks amazing! I’m really interested in what you have to say. So here are the answers to the questions you’re asking:
    1. I’m a stay at home mom looking to make extra income from home
    2. My name is Kayla and I live in the US
    3. I’m interested because I’ve heard it’s a great way to make a living – I find the process intriguing, but it’s still somewhat of a mystery to me
    4-5. No success – but no experience. Teach me Please!
    6. Financial goals: I’m not looking to get rich, but just bring in enough to live comfortably and not worry every time the car breaks down
    7. I’m willing to work as hard as needed so long as it does not impact the time I spend with my family

    I look forward to learning a lot more from you! Thanks for being so willing to help people start their journey!

    1. Hey Kayla, awesome comment! It’s great to get to know you. Amazing goals and motivation as well. Your goal is very realistic and will definitely be reachable with some time and effort.

      For now, move on to the beginner course: Click Here.

      If you ever get stuck or have a question, contact me immediately.

      Good luck!


  7. He’s a great concept indeed! The education needed for trading options is really massive. There’s no way around that from experience. When I’m ready to get back into the game I hope that I certainly find your blog again. In the meantime, thanks for that summary. Keep doing what you’re doing

  8. Finally, just reading your welcome page, had already made me feel at home.

    The mere fact that you mentioned that what you have to teach me,is not a ‘get rich scheme,’ already tells me that you are the real deal.

    I do not know anything about option trading. Guess, I am going to be heading over to your ‘beginner,’ course.

    Though it sounds intimidating, it sounds exciting too.I believe that the secret to success , is to have someone who has been there to show you the way.

    I like to think of you as a mentor. Bookmarked your site and ready to start!!

    Thanks for the awesome site

  9. I really enjoyed your site. Getting to know your customers is a strong start. That builds a relationship with them earning trust. I am a beginner to be sure, I know very little about stocks. I’ve never had the finances to invest before. The education you provide is very helpful. I like the plain language aspect of the site, insider jargon can confuse some of us.

  10. Hi Louis,

    Thanks for all the information, it’s quite a lot to take in so I will need to spend more time looking at my options (no pun intended).

    I have done all of my trading in the AIM stock exchange in London but it’s mostly long-term investments which are starting to come good. I am hoping by next year they will have doubled.

    I don’t use a broker, but I have an online investment account. I’ve heard brokers are more expensive, is this the case?

    1. Hey Craig,

      Thanks a lot for the comment. Sadly, I can’t really answer your question as I am not familiar with non-brokerage accounts. But you can check out my broker reviews to get an impression of the pricing and commission structure of some brokers. (click here!)

  11. Options trading interests me a lot, as my brother is already making money doing it. He influenced me to learn further about this game. So, when I saw your blog, I stopped and browsed. Thanks for the very informative articles.

    If I finally get started with options trading, how much will supposed to be my starting budget? Can I start with just $10 and scale up as I gain profits?

    1. Thanks for the comment and I am very happy that you enjoy my education. Sadly, $10 isn’t a realistic amount to start with. Many brokers and other scammy trading promoters spread lies and tell people that you can start with as little as 10 or 20 bucks. I’d recommend starting with no less than $2000. This may seem like a lot to you, but if you are serious about trading, you gotta have some capital to start with. If you don’t have that ‘much’ money yet, I recommend working and saving some money for your trading. If you want to know more, you may want to read THIS article, in which I discuss this topic even more.

  12. Hi Louis,
    Thanks for your post on this. I had left other comments on one of your posts saying I was feeling a little overwhelmed by it so I’m grateful to land on the introduction page to gain a bit more understanding. Couldn’t agree more on the ‘get rich quick’ hype as that’s a sure fire way to lose all of your savings. Looking forward to learning more on the site.


  13. Options trading has always sounded risky and scary to me. I know money can be lost quickly, and it can be made, if you know what you are doing. I think it is finally time for me to take a look, for free, with you, watch what and how you do,and then get involved. I am looking forward to the adventure. I am willing to put in the work and time to make it work.

  14. Hi Louis and as I see you are not a beginner in Options Trading and have learned much to spread around of your knowledge. A couple of years ago I made some basic steps for Forex Trading and came to the conclusion that to succeed you need to learn so much and spend sleepless hours. I guess that Options Trading is even harder and not an easy money scheme. I made short insight into the content of your site, and I am sure that it contains tons of usable information for options traders.