Option Trading Beginner Quiz

Welcome to the Option Trading Beginner Quiz.

Here you can test your knowledge gained from the Beginner Course. Try to take the Quiz without any help. You will be able to retake the Quiz as many times as you wish.

Good Luck!

option trading quiz good luck

1. Stock ABC is trading for $76, which option is ITM (In The Money)?
2. What are American Options?
3. What are other terms for an Option Buyer?
4. Implied Volatility (IV) can also be thought of as:
5. Select the options that could profit from a rise in the underlying's price:
6. What is a Long Call?
7. What is an Option Chain?
8. XYZ is currently trading for $106. Calculate by how much a Put Option with the Strike Price 104 is OTM (Out of The Money)?
9. Does an option buyer have to exercise his option?
10. What is an Undefined Risk Strategy?

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