Risk Management Basic Course: Trading Risk Management Techniques

Successful trading is not possible without good risk management. Risk management is probably one of the most important things when it comes to trading. But sadly most traders fail  to do this correctly. This is the main factor that distinguishes the 90% of losing traders from the winning ones. No matter how good a strategy is, with wrong or no risk management it is doomed to fail. Basic risk management is very simple but can Read more

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Portfolio Protection with Options and Hedging Strategies using Options

When talking options most people first think of options as protection or hedges for other positions or even an entire portfolio. Options can be used in different ways to hedge/protect against black swan events like big market drops or crises. I will be presenting two possible hedge strategies and their effectiveness. The following best option hedging strategies are good to protect positions against black swan events (Market crashes) or just big moves down. Protective Put Option Read more

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What is Market Awareness and How Important is it – How often Should you Check your Positions

What is Market Awareness Market awareness is a complete understanding of a market. This means you know which factors can and do influence this sector, how it will react to certain events etc. Summed up, if you have a good market awareness you have a deep understanding and a lot of knowledge of a market. As an example someone with a good market awareness in the stock market (which is very broad) should always know Read more