how to trade options in a small account

Options Trading In A Small Account – My Experience

Originally, this article was for one of my live (option) trade case studies. But after writing around 1000 words about flaws in my strategy in small accounts, I realized that this would be a great article for people with smaller accounts. All my live trade examples/case studies are done inside of a very small ($1500-$2000) Tastyworks broker account. In the beginning, this was to show that it is possible to make money with options in Read more

black swan event

Portfolio Protection with Options and Hedging Strategies using Options

When talking options most people first think of options as protection or hedges for other positions or even an entire portfolio. Options can be used in different ways to hedge/protect against black swan events like big market drops or crises. I will be presenting two possible hedge strategies and their effectiveness. The following best option hedging strategies are good to protect positions against black swan events (Market crashes) or just big moves down. Protective Put Option Read more