6 Replies to “Everything You Need To Know: The New ESMA Regulations”

  1. Perfect article, well presented. Didnt know about these new regulations. F*** binary options! Regulations of binary options was needed. Thank you O.

  2. What a great read! What great content!
    Love to read guys like you who really have that market pulse! It’s great to have a reference to go to about regulations.
    Thanks again for the great read! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out going forward!
    Onward and upward! Good trading!

  3. I currently trade, well invest over a month period, in American tech stocks. I wouldn’t really call myself a trader because I tend to hold until the stocks hit the green…but I do appreciate that these regulations NEEDED to come into play at some point. 

    At the end of the day – people lose money when they treat the financial or stock markets like a fruit machine. 

    I’m also pleased to hear about the news surrounding binay options. 

    Would you call yourself a day trader or more of an investor (longer term) like myself?

    1. Thanks for the comment Chris. 

      Actually, I would neither call myself a day trader nor investor. I would refer to myself as an active trader. I am not an investor because I don’t invest in stocks or anything else. I usually don’t hold trades for much longer than a month. But I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a day trader either as I don’t only day trade. I usually hold my options trades for multiple weeks. 

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